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About us

Bastion iT have been providing solutions for people and companies since the mid 1990’s, not just in the North East of England, but throughout the UK too. We’ve also helped companies in Europe, Africa and North America with their IT and communications solution requirements over our years of business.

We prefer to see ourselves as your IT and communications partner versus just a supplier and consultancy and are known for our personal touch with our clients. We work with organisations and charities of many sizes with one aim: the right, affordable, solution to fit your needs.

We want to understand what your concern is and provide a practical solution as fast as possible, not to have clients open a support call, wait an hour or two and then get a call back from someone they don’t know to have a rush to get rid of their issue.

We’re also members of the UK IT Alliance (UKITA), the UK Information Technology trade body, and have staff who are Members of the British Computer Society (MBCS), the Chartered Institute for UK Information Technology.

Please call us on 0191 420 5566 or email us at to discuss your specific requirements.