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We have over 20 years of experience of providing extensive communications products and services. Please use the navigation options above to view a specific area of interest or simply scroll down the page to view all of the topics in this section.

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Telephone Systems

Telephone systems (PBX) are no longer solely a thing for larger businesses. Cost effective and low cost solutions are available to give you and your staff maximum productivity both whilst in and away from the office.

The integration of IT and telephony is now commonplace and with the right advice and connectivity implemented, an effective, cost-effective solution can be gained.

We can provide everything you need, from the systems, telephone lines, Voice over IP (VoIP) to the right Internet access for your demanding business.

We can also support and maintain your new and many existing systems.

Lines and Connectivity

It’s not all about a new telephone system, sometimes your existing one does exactly what you want it to do. However, maybe better service and costs could improve your telecommunications.

We think so, and no doubt you’re fed up of several calls a week from companies attempting to take your telephony business with offers of all sorts of deals. We try to do things a little differently.

We’ll work with you to built a solution that fits in with your needs, including all of your voice and data needs and recognising where your organisation may not just be paying too much, but also for services it no longer needs.

Business Broadband, Fibre and Leased Lines

Internet connectivity is key to nearly any organisation’s operations. It no longer is just that way of finding out some information from web pages. It’s your presence to the world, it’s your email to clients and potential clients, it’s your staff’s way of keeping operational whilst outside.

There’s also many ways of connecting your organisation to the Internet too.

On normal PSTN telephone lines, options are available such as:

  • ADSL up to 24Mbps downstream;
  • ibre to the Curb (FTTC) offering up to 80Mb downstream;
  • Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) offering up to 330Mbps downstream;
  • Bonded Fibre to the Curb (BFTTC) offering up to 320Mbps downstream

All of these options depend upon which BT Openreach exchange you’re connected to, your distance from there and which cabinet you are connected to. In certain areas you also have the option of 50Mbps+ Cable Modem.

There’s also more reliable and dedicated solutions should your organisation need that, such as:

  • Ethernet over the First Mile (EFM)
  • Managed Internet Leased Lines

In certain areas, there are grants of up to £3,000 from BDUK to facilitate installation and connection on links with speeds over 30Mbps.

We can help you find the right connectivity solution for your organisation.

Wireless Broadband and Mesh

In certain areas, we can connect your organisation through wireless connectivity to fibre broadband or managed Internet solutions.

This can also be deployed through a mesh across a group of businesses, villages, homes or areas where connectivity is otherwise limited.

Contact us for more details.

Network and Telephony Cabling

The core of your communications, we can assist with ensuring it runs as you need it and expand it to your requirements.

If you are in need of assistance with your connectivity, simply need it audited and assessed, or find that you have reached capacity for your current needs, we can help you to find the solution.

Contact us for more details.